Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well Add Me to the List...

...of pregnant bloggers.

It may be too early to actually say that, but the faint line on my HPT is definitely there.

(Click on the pic to make it larger)

OK, maybe you can't see it....but I it counts.

Funny thing is, beta isn't for 8 more days...does anyone wanna take guesses as to how big its going to be by then(I hope)?

I am thrilled...shocked. I had a feeling this would work, but always assume the worst to protect my heart. I am PREGNANT.


  1. I can definitely see it - congratulations!

  2. I can see it!!!!
    That is what my first test looked like - if I tilted it just the right way I could see a line - I thought I was making it up! I am sooo happy for you - cant wait to hear amd see more!