Thursday, October 13, 2011

Given an Amazing Gift

We have been given the greatest gift. We have been lucky to conceive naturally immediately after a failed IVF. We are completely shocked and amazed, and the reality hasn't even hit me. I have known for almost a week now.

Of course when I got a BFP at 10dpo I took another in the am of 11dpo to make sure it was still there, and called the RE. my beta on 11dpo was 27. It was redrawn at 13dpo (47 hours after the first) and it was 118! that's a doubling time of 22 hours. this is either one very strong bean, or could you imagine naturally conceived twins after all the IF cycles we have been through! Only time will tell. Right now I just still need to be pinched that there are actually 2 lines on my tests and beta numbers that mean something! For reference, in my 4 other pregnancies (2 chemical one lasted 9 weeks and one resulted in my DD, my betas never ever doubled, never mind more than quadrupling!)

So much for that FET we were planning before the end of the year! So pleasantly surprised!