Monday, November 16, 2009

There is a Miracle Going On!

Had the NT scan today. The baby is so amazing. The development is crazy! I don't find out results until Wednesday, but I am not concerned with them really anyway. Wednesday we get to hear the heartbeat for the first time....I will probably cry.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy Week Ahead.

Not sure when I am going to breathe.

I work 5 out of the next 7 days....that's sure going to tire me out....and the only day this week I am really home is Thursday!

Tomorrow I have my NT scan. its the only screening we are really doing for this pregnancy. We opted to have a level 2 ultrasound at 19 weeks rather than bother with screening which yields a high false positive rate.

Wednesday I have my 12 week OB appointment...I never in my life thought I would ever make it to a second OB appointment! We will get to hear the baby's heartbeat...which I have not ever got to hear yet! I am so looking forward to this day! I think it will make me feel 100% relieved!

Friday I have my first OB Med appointment. I have to see this obstetrical medicine dr because of my history with my health problems. Basically none of them pose a direct risk to the pregnancy at their current state. However any treatments for them are contraindicated in pregnancy, so it make it a bit of a tough situation. So we need to put a plan in place for what will happen IF I have any problems. I am hoping to not have to use this plan though :)

My issues are, just if I never mentioned this before....

Crohn's disease....which I have had 2 extensive surgeries for.

Elevated triglycerides from an inherited condition (Chylomicronemia)

I also have hypothyroidism, MTHFR, oh and probably other stuff I'm not remembering about right now. It's the first 2 that are the problem though. Expecting mothers who have had a flar of Crohn's from my research, have actually needed hospitalization and TPN...but I guess thats probably a worst case thing. And with the elevated triglycerides, similar story. Since the medication used to lower triglycerides is contra-indicated in pregnancy, there's no other way to treat extremely high levels, I am trying to control it with diet, but with the nausea and lack of appetite I have had, if I feel like any food, I eat it right now.

So that's my life this week....12 weeks tomorrow...totally unbelievable to me. It really feels like this is flying by(and I hear this is the slow part of the pregnancy) I can't imagine how fast its going to go by in the new year!

Monday, November 9, 2009


My Baby is still in there, its absolutely amazing, I think he/she will be a dancer! It was moving around like crazy! I hope everyone gets to experience this one day it is truly a miracle. Baby was measuring a day ahead 11w1d. Heartbeat was 158. We couldn't get a profile view, only head on, and of course a bum shot with long legs too...gets that from its daddy probably! U/S tech thought it could be a boy, but were choosing not to find out gender.

I haven't been feeling well. I have been very nauseous and have no appetite, I have lost 15lbs since before the IVF. My RE said he will note that in the referral to my OB, along with the kajillion other issues I have in my regular life. I have my NT scan next week, but we are opting not to do any other screening. I honestly don;t even really care about the NT measurement, it doesn't really mean anything other than further testing which we won;t be doing. Basically I am just excited to have more peeks at baby to be reassured that s/he is doing well. We will have a level 2 u/s at 19 weeks though, to make sure everything is structurally normal, because that is my main concern, that theres no potentially fatal, or life threatening defects.

Thats about all thats going on over here, only 4 more days of PIO shots, woohoo!

Monday, November 2, 2009

How the Hell....

I am 10 weeks the hell did that happen? It seems to be flying by already, I feel like I just found out yesterday still.

I had another u/s yesterday, everything is still going just fine, baby is doing just fine, and this might actually mean I am safe, I have a 99% chance of having a baby next year....a real live baby.

So enter freak out don't know what to do with a baby...I have never had a baby. I mean ya, I deliver babies, but I deal with brand new babies, not like growing, screaming babies. Does all first time moms have this freak out? I really hope so...tell me I'm not alone :S

I have been terrible at keeping up to date on here, I started this place just as a keeper of information I can look back on to have. Well once I got past my miscarriage date I started a written journal. and honestly there's a whole lot of nothing going on...absolutely nothing. I have symptoms, but no different than they have been, and there will be no belly pics for a while...because, I am starting from a pre-flubbed state.

I am thrilled to report that I have had not one single drop of bleeding...that's the biggest thing I worried about, and there has been none *knock on wood*. With that I am relieved.

I had quite the experience in the fertility clinic yesterday. I really don't understand some people. I get that it was a Sunday, so there would probably be a few kids, I am not kidding you when I say that there were a good 10 kids or more in there. I see a few things wrong with this. we can assume that seeing kids in general (especially kids under say 2 years old) its hard on the heart for infertiles, so why people bring their kids is beyond me. It still hurts my heart, and I am 10 weeks pregnant. It is hard for me to look at these kids. Another reason, kids are so freaking germy, and half of these kids probably also go to daycare during the week, and with all the H1N1 going around, keep your kids at home, when you are around a population potentially at high risk for this virus. I will pay kudos to the clinic for getting rid of all of their toys during this outbreak of H1N1. But about half of the parents were very vocal about how pissed they were that there were no toys...bring your own, then your child can keep his/her germs to themselves. T and I moved to a different area of the waiting room to avoid the germs, and to be able to hear ourselves think.

Oh and on the topic of H1N1. I can;t get the vaccine, I have had both a vaccine reaction to the seasonal flu vaccine, and I'm immunocomprimised, so we have a problem. I am literally staying in my home all the time, other than to go to work. And T got vaccinated last week (after waiting in line 7 hours at a vaccine clinic) so we should be ok here, as long as we do what we can to prevent it.

last but not least....yesterdays pic.