Sunday, August 30, 2009

So I had my first IVF follicle check is Day 4 of stims.

I had...20+ follicles...all ranging is size from 8-11mm. I was not expecting that many, when my Antral Follicle count was 13. I should have given my response to 50mg clomid a few months back...but I didn't.

The RE I saw (mine is on vacation until Thursday) said in her patients she would have decreased the dosage of Go.nal F given my response, but she knows that my RE wouldn' she left it, and said if my E2 was too high when they got the blood results that they would call me to decrease my dose tomorrow. No I am assuming my e2 was fine.

I go back for another check on Tuesday. She warned me to drink a lot of fluid and watch for signs of OHSS now and for the next few weeks. Its a funny balance, between getting as many eggs as possible because its such an expensive procedure...yet trying not to get sick at the same time. I hope for no more or no less follicles Tuesday....just bigger ones :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Follicle Sizes...Injections....Symptoms...Oh My!

So its day 2 of stimms....Go.nal F and Re.pronex. And I feel...well...normal. Not a symptom to speak of. I don`t even know if I would have symptoms this early into stimms, or what they would be. I am assuming the typical.... feeling like your ovaries weigh about the size of an elephant, and crazy hormonal bitchiness.

I am on 2 shots a day right now. 0.1ml(0.5mg) of Lupron in a teeny little SubQ injection. 225IU of go.nal F and 75IU of re.pronex in one giant IM injection together...and it goes in my behind. I do it myself...I guess thats the nurse in me....but it is difficult...very difficult, and since today was day 2 and I have now done one shot on each side, I have found it is much easier to turn myself into a pretzel to the right rather than the left.

I go back to the clinic on Sunday for a follicle check and bloodwork. What should I expect on Sunday....should I expect these follicles to be massive, or tiny, or what? I tried goo.gling this to find out, but have come up with nothing.

I hope everyone out in IF blog world is doing well...congrats to all the newly knocked up girls! and to those cycling or still waiting for your miracle...know I am here for you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


...better than being depressed huh! I have been successfully suppressed. I would have started stimms today...but its wednesday. What does that have to do with it.....well...apparently the clinic doesn't start people on stimms Tuesdays or Wednesdays in an attempt to avoid weekend retrievals. This really sucks, because I was hoping for a weekend that T could stay home with me. looks like Retrieval will be Sept 7th...I am assuming....since that's the Monday after next weekend. I start Re.pronex and G.O.nal F tomorrow. This is really happening!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Fun and Games

So how many noticed the cute little bingo card....and even more recently the little link under my blog header?

The Blogger Bingo was thought up by the stirrup queen herself. its a fun little way to get bloggers out there reading and commenting on other blogs. Theres a little prize in it for the bingo winner too.

As far as my little game. Its a survey about my upcoming IVF to see what everyone thinks. The person who guesses closest to the actual number of shots I take this IVF cycle will win a little prize, to be determined later. You have to be willing to provide me your address obviously though, so I can send your prize.

Good Luck Everyone, and have fun playing!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Have Been a Bad Blogger

I am so sorry for my lack of blogging lately...I really just have NOTHING to talk about.

Right now we are on vacation at my in-laws lake home. much needed time away from reality I must say...but reality slapped me in the face today....I did my first lupron injection. We are OFICIALLY on the road to IVF. I am still waiting to hear about my labs and whether they are wonky or not, but as long as we hear in the next week(ish) we will be full steam ahead.

So, any super tips from you IVFers out there...what should I expect from all these meds? And BTW....still petrified of the retrieval...not even sure I told you all about that. I do not sedate easily, and I am so scared I will feel everything...all of it....anyone with experience?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary

and I have nothing planned for it. Relax at home with the hubby I guess....I expected to be at a different place by this time in our will come though...I know it

It is also my Birthday Next Tuesday!

I am excited because I get to be at one of my favourite places in the world this day, the in-laws lake house. Yay!

On a side note...I am a week into Birth Control for IVF....and IVF is full steam ahead. We did some bloodwork to make sure my B vitamin levels are all ok, and that my thyroid and homocysteine are all ok too, I will find this out on Aug 13th, and if its all good, lupron starts on Aug 14th.....looks like we will have a retrieval first week of long as everything is fine.