Friday, August 14, 2009

I Have Been a Bad Blogger

I am so sorry for my lack of blogging lately...I really just have NOTHING to talk about.

Right now we are on vacation at my in-laws lake home. much needed time away from reality I must say...but reality slapped me in the face today....I did my first lupron injection. We are OFICIALLY on the road to IVF. I am still waiting to hear about my labs and whether they are wonky or not, but as long as we hear in the next week(ish) we will be full steam ahead.

So, any super tips from you IVFers out there...what should I expect from all these meds? And BTW....still petrified of the retrieval...not even sure I told you all about that. I do not sedate easily, and I am so scared I will feel everything...all of it....anyone with experience?


  1. I have no experience with IVF and the only meds I took during my IUIs were Gonal-F and Ovidrel (and a Ganirelex during my first cycle). Let me know if you want comments on those! (Although they were pretty simple... a little burning, some swelling, and a lot of bruising, and a few hot flashes, but nothing horrible!)

  2. Oh how exciting that you're almost here!!!! Everyone reacts to the meds different. I really didn't have a HUGE issue with moodiness (especially compared to CLOMID-hell) but my biggest complaints were MIGRAINES. I had migrained my entire IVF cycle. You'll do great with the shots. The hardest is the progesterone shots, they do smart a bit (but you don't need to worry about those until after transfer).

    Just concentrate on each step of IVF as it comes. If you think too much ahead you'll stress yourself out.

    I had no probs with the retreival. We did have one girl at my clinic who said she woke up a little during retreival but she didn't say she was in pain. They want you 'arousable' so they can remind you take a deep breath if need be.

    GL on everything!!!!!