Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sorry to leave This in Suspense

I wish I had better news to report.

The FET was only mildly successful.

On April 29th (10dp3dt) I got a positive test, faint, but there, by the next day the lines were gone again. I tested from about 5dp3dt. on my 7 and 8dpt tests faint pink lines had dried, 8dpt evening and 9dpt tests were still negative, and then the + I got on 10dpt. I think both embryos tried to implant, one a few days before the other, and neither made it.

I refused the beta, felt there was no sense since I had had negative tests for 3 days before it. I started spotting 3 days after stopping the PIO, and mas miscarrying by 5days after the PIO.

It doesn't get any easier the 3rd time around, or after already having a child. I actually have felt like I have failed the munchkin now, by not being able to give her a sibling.

What this has done though is caused me to look back at my charts, and at my history, and research. And I think this is beyond the clotting issue (MTHFR). I was actually on blood thinners for my second miscarriage it couldn't have been caused my blood clots either.

I see the RE on June 7th, I plan on asking for karyotyping, to make sure we aren't potentially creating mostly genetically abnormal embryos. I am also going to ask for immune testing. I have Crohn's..and so there could be things related to that causing issues (not the Crohn's itself but other complications I have had with it). Prednisone or IVIG treatments are the way I am hoping to go. And also even considering genetic analysis of the embryos in an IVF just to make sure the embryos we transfer are completely normal, increasing our odds.

This is a tough road we all travel. I thought I had all my answers. I made it out with one beautiful healthy girl. Turns out those answers aren't the solution for try #2, but I hope to gain knowledge about my health, and the things I need to do to get more babies in my arms.