Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary

and I have nothing planned for it. Relax at home with the hubby I guess....I expected to be at a different place by this time in our Marriage...it will come though...I know it

It is also my Birthday Next Tuesday!

I am excited because I get to be at one of my favourite places in the world this day, the in-laws lake house. Yay!

On a side note...I am a week into Birth Control for IVF....and IVF is full steam ahead. We did some bloodwork to make sure my B vitamin levels are all ok, and that my thyroid and homocysteine are all ok too, I will find this out on Aug 13th, and if its all good, lupron starts on Aug 14th.....looks like we will have a retrieval first week of Sept...as long as everything is fine.


  1. Happy Anniversary (and Happy Birthday early!)

  2. Today is my 3rd anniversary! It was a great day to get married. Happy Anniversary. Happy Early Birthday as well. Sending good thoughts for your IVF cycle

  3. Hey girl!

    I'm sorry I've been the biggest slacker of a blog-friend that there ever was. How exciting that you're going full-steam ahead with IVF. Honestly, you won't find it much different that an IUI cycle...but much more organized and planned out in a good way.

    So weird, when I got all my blood tests MANY years ago for infertility, I had a few things come back abnormal: I has TSH antibodies (though my levels were fine), I had elevated homocysteine, and I have deficient folic acid. I had to get cleared by a hematologist about the homocysteine. They've had me on a prescription dose of folic acid for many years now.

    I just have NEVER heard of anyone having a similar combination of issues. Craziness. Let's hope we fall into each-other's footsteps AGAIN with IVF bfp's!!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday and Happy anniversary!!!