Thursday, July 30, 2009

IVF on hold...indefinitely

So a lovely, wonderful friend of mine has been helping with my research into my conditions.

There was a study which found that increased homocysteine levels was associated with poor egg quality....I wish I could post the study, but I really don't know how...I will try though.

Journal Article

So I am deciding to put the IVF on hold, at least for now.

I will try One more IUI I think once my levels normalize, because I am suspicious pregnancy wasn't achieved maybe because of the crappy eggs.

So we will try back again once:
  1. My homocysteine level normalizes
  2. My TSH comes to 2 or lower
  3. I have a confirmation about my folic acid suspicions and get a different form of treatment for it.
If he doesn't agree, I guess it will be time for a new RE.

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  1. I hope that your RE can give you some guidance on the issues you have presented and that you are able to agree.

    Big hugs...