Sunday, August 30, 2009

So I had my first IVF follicle check is Day 4 of stims.

I had...20+ follicles...all ranging is size from 8-11mm. I was not expecting that many, when my Antral Follicle count was 13. I should have given my response to 50mg clomid a few months back...but I didn't.

The RE I saw (mine is on vacation until Thursday) said in her patients she would have decreased the dosage of Go.nal F given my response, but she knows that my RE wouldn' she left it, and said if my E2 was too high when they got the blood results that they would call me to decrease my dose tomorrow. No I am assuming my e2 was fine.

I go back for another check on Tuesday. She warned me to drink a lot of fluid and watch for signs of OHSS now and for the next few weeks. Its a funny balance, between getting as many eggs as possible because its such an expensive procedure...yet trying not to get sick at the same time. I hope for no more or no less follicles Tuesday....just bigger ones :)


  1. wow! 20! yes, be very careful (I know you will be). my fingers are crossed for an outstanding result on Tuesday!

  2. Great going! :) Drink lots of Gatorade... especially when you get close to your ER. Around my last u/s, I had close to 60 follicles and I was so shit scared of OHSS... but fortunately things weren't as bad!

  3. Great news! Hope it continues to go well!