Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Owe An IVF Update

I have seen the RE twice now without updating...shame on me. I will update by appointment:

Tuesday Sept 1st:

Still have those follicles hanging around, now they measure in and around 14mm, keep meds the same Tuesday, Decrease Gonal F to 150IU and Increase Repronex to 150IU Wednesday, return for another check on Thursday.

Thursday Sept 3rd:

Still 20ish follicles, now measuring 17-18mm on average, some lagging at 13, some ahead at 20,21. Decrease Gonal F to 75IU, increase Repronex to 225IU, return for another check on the growth tomorrow.

So I will update here again tomorrow. I am suspicious that they will trigger tomorrow night for a Sunday retrieval....this came SO FAST...the first part of the IVF goes so slow, but once the stims came it happened so quickly.

I am also suffering some mild OHSS already, so I have been drinking the gatorade like its going out of style, they also said to drink a lot of water and eat salty foods, so I have been trying. I have bloating, and my ovaries are very sore. I think with action on this now, hopefully we can have it gone or prevent it from really getting any worse by retrieval.


  1. Hope you can get the OHSS under control - coconut water has more electrolytes than gatorade, so you could always give that a try. It has less sodium though than gatorade (but also less sugar).

    Good luck with trigger and retrieval :)

  2. fingers crossed that you keep the OHSS at bay and that things go well!!!! cant wait for your updates!

  3. Good luck, good luck, good luck! I am so hoping you are puking over pregnancy and not IVF meds very soon!!!