Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ready, Aim, Fire!!!

Trigger TONIGHT!!!

Monday Retrieval!

I am so excited/nervous/scared/crazy! I am anxious about the sedation....I do not sedate easily. I am nervous for the IV...I have shitty veins. I really hope we get a lot of mature eggs that fertilize well.

We have 20ish follicles that look mature, and a few that don't...I am hoping for 15 to that too much to ask? Maybe...but this is our ONE shot at I am hoping!

I feel a million times better too...not as bloated as a few days ago, so I am hoping we will miss the OHSS train. Trigger is at 1230 tonight....woot!


  1. Fingers crossed for no OHSS and for great results. GO BABIES!!!

  2. Good luck... I hope this is your cycle! Never really hear back from you... but my best wishes are with you!