Monday, September 7, 2009


Everything went well. Really really well.

We got there early...I wanted to, because I am a hard poke for an IV...but that was a waste because they waited until 11amish to start the IV. I waited and had a massage in the massage chairs(they have no stretchers, all reclining massage chairs with heat). I was really nervous last night, but felt better this am, until we got to the IVF suites.

I got changed into my lovely blue attire and I had on one of my fancy scrub hats from work (all of the nurses at the clinic want these I will have to figure out how to make them). She got my IV in after some fist pumping and slapping of the vein (but it was only a 22gauge, so it was teeny tiny). My Dr was actually on time, and I was the first retrieval of the day so we went back only shortly after 1130. We went back to a bigger room afterward where both T and I got a massage chair.

The Retrieval was awesome...I felt GOOD! The DR told T I am definitely not a cheap drunk, because I needed a lot of meds. T looked hilarious in his OR gear too...too cute! I got to watch them retrieving the eggs from the follicles on a screen to my right, and watch the lab finding the eggs in the fluid on a screen to my right. I told all the nurses in the room this was too cool for me...with my scientific brain...I was eating it up!

There were a lot of people in the room, because my BP was really high....but it settled a bit. and they had to keep reminding me to breathe because my O2 sats went down, to 85 or something(from all the drugs). I told them those numbers don't scare me, I was used to much scarier values at work! I also told them IUI's are boring...compared to IVF....which is totally true, but I was hopped up on meds too. I think they all got a kick out of me.

I had some water after, and some cookies. Proved I could my IV came out and I went home. We got home around 2pm and I went to sleep.

Now I am having some spotting and cramping...hoping to fee better tomorrow! We had 20 eggs retrieved, and find out tomorrow about fertilization.

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  1. I am so glad that you had a good experience and no complications. That is great. Sending big hugs...