Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fertilization Report

well not the news I was hoping for!

We had 20 eggs retrieved and 12 of them fertilized. Only 7 of those that were fertilized are dividing appropriately. So in 24 hours we have lost more than half of our potential babies already. I am hoping these 7 are strong and stick around for a while.

Does anyone have experience with this...I just don't know whats NORMAL to expect, being our first IVF.

Oh...and sorry for being a bad blog reader/commenter...I just have not been into it and have NO excuse. I will try to make it better this week while resting.


  1. Oh sweetie... I know that you loved all 12 of those babies the moment you knew they existed and that it hurts to know that 5 have passed. I, too, am saying an extra prayer for your 7 little ones, that they continue to divide and do well. I will be anxiously awaiting your updates.
    Many, many hugs. I wish that I had some stats or personal experience, but we've always done IUIs so I have nothing first hand to share. Thinking of you...

  2. 7 is a great number! Specially if you have polycystic ovaries, it is very common to get a high number of follicles during scans and have less than half left after fertilization. Yes, it sucks... but still you have some beauties there! I had 60 during scans, only 27 were retreived and 12 fertilized normally! Finally it just takes one good embryo... though more the merrier! Praying for your embabies to grow! Good Luck!

  3. I hope those seven grow beautifully! I agree - 7 is a lucky number :)