Thursday, September 17, 2009

Show and Tell: from embabies to HPT's

Last week my show and tell were my beautiful embabies. Those beautiful embabies have some skills I tell ya!

Those embabies(either or both) have decided to snuggle in nice and comfy....because my show and tell this week is my BFP.

This is how my day started:
Super faint line there if you can see might need to click on the image to make it bigger.

I got excited...I am pregnant...sure its a R>E>A>L>L>Y faint line....but a lines a line. I wanted to tell the world, already. But I didn't.

Then T got home....I told him, happiness, excitement, but its still early, we have been here before, and had heartbreak. But that didn't stop us being so excited for these little ones. We decide we need to tell his parents (they live far away, so its a phone call unfortunately). I decide that before we call his parents to tell them, I at least want to test with a digital in a few days...proof that indeed I am "pregnant". At least pregnant enough for a digital test to decide so.

The problem here is I am impatient, most of the time. and although I never would ever take a digital before 13dpo(when I would be late) I bit the bullet...and peed on the digital!

Lets just recap....

  • I am 7dp3dt (10dpo)
  • I am also 12 dptrigger
  • I have a POAS addiction....I need POAS anonymous.
  • I am impatient.

Apparently I am 'Enceinte'...since I live in Canada.


Now go over and see what everyone else is showing!


  1. Congrats!!!! Have a healthy and happy nine months!!!