Sunday, September 20, 2009

I see LINES...and the Wait for the Beta

still 4 full days until my will be on the equivalent of 18dpo...not sure why they wait so long after IVF...but I will go with it. When I did IUI's the beta was always at 13dpo(which is today for me, I am 10dp3dt)

If I had negative tests like I have for the last 5 IUI cycles...I would be pissed and just want it over with. But I SEE LINES!

So I know I announced this first 3 days ago at 7dp3dt....and the line was barely visible. But today's line, you can actually see, and after tomorrow I will start tickers and such because I will be 4 weeks preggo!

Last night (9dp3dt) I even took one of those dollar store tests that never work until your period is way late...and I got a really decent line, so I will provide that picture too. The digital still melts my heart though.

What I really can not wait for is the ultrasound now. I really want to know how many are in there. We transferred 2 beautiful embryos, so I wouldn't be surprised if they are both there. At this point, I am ok with that, but being an L&D nurse, and seeing all the crappy things that can happen, it does make me nervous, very nervous....but given I have had 2 losses and 2 years of infertility and spent a lot on treatments, I would likely have been a nervous pregnant person anyways. for the lines.....

Aren't they beautiful???


  1. Very beautiful lines!

    I hate using those dollar store tests, but at least you've gotten good news!!! ;)

  2. Shannon, this is wonderful!! I can definitely see the lines...yeah!!! Congratulations!!!!

    I saved all my HPT's....can you believe that??

  3. They are beautiful... And, let me say that yes, twins add some stress, but they are worth all the joy. Whatever happens, you can do this.

  4. What wonderful beautiful lines!

  5. I saw the one before but now I really see these! Congratulations!!!!!

  6. BEAUTIFUL LINES!! Congrats! I hope the beta shows great numbers too!

  7. I don't know why they are making you wait either! Kind of odd....but I guess you'll know soon.

  8. There are two lines for darned sure. No doubt about it. Hope the betas are great and soon so you can stop your waiting game. How frustrating?!?