Saturday, July 4, 2009

Questions and Answers with Dr. L

So I saw the RE today, to discuss our lack of success and what to do this time.

I asked him....

Q: How many more IUI's he expects to do
A: One with femara and one with injectables...oh accept that injectables cost a pretty penny, so if it's not covered under our plan I am not wasting them on an IUI.

Q: What do we do after that (har har I knew this answer but he didn't need to know that)

Q: Is it possible that there is something preventing me from getting pregnant?
A:Could be, he looked at my miscarriage, and I told him the u/s I had after showed everything was clear, and I didn't have a D&C so there wouldn't be scar tissue. He doesn't think this is an issue, but agrees that its strange I got pregnant so easily, then have had 4 failed cycles since.

Q: Is there any testing that we haven't done yet, how have my tests been so far?
A: All the clotting workup was a clotting disorder did NOT cause my miscarriage (Yay..gotta be happy about something huh?) We haven't done a check for he went back and looked at my original workup questionnaire, said it's possible with my symptoms that I could have some endo, and I told him my symptoms have gotten wore as we have gone through fertility treatments. He said at this point though, it would be a 3-4 month wait for that surgery..and it's a surgery(which will be difficult with my past history of abdominal surgeries) He said if we get to IVF, the endo wouldn't affect it anyways.

I think that's about it, I am glad that he and I are on the same page about things, I really didn't want to do more than 1 IUI before moving forward, but I am happy hes not going to try things more than once before moving on.

I did forget to ask what endo does to affect/prevent pregnancy....does anyone know?

I have a feeling that T's plan won't cover these injectables anyway, so we would only be doing this cycle before moving on to IVF.

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  1. Endo can interfere with implantation and the sustaining of a pregnancy. Have you had an HSG to make sure that your tubes are both open and there are no issues?

    If there is endo, they can scrape it, which can give you a better shot at implantation. There are quite a number of loss blogs and IF blogs that deal with endo. If you go into google and do a blog search, you'll pop up quite a number.

    I'm sorry that I dont have too much info. I have no first hand knowledge of it, but follow a few blogs where the writers do.