Monday, July 13, 2009

MTHFR and Cycle Update

So I got the blood work back finally.

I am homozygous for MTHFR C677T variant. which basically means I inherited this variety from both parents. anywhere from 5-10% of the population has this. Which is surprising to me, we really don't see many patients with this at work...but I assume that because it results in pregnancy loss, and these people don't realize they have it.

Oh the cycle news. Tomorrow is IUI 6.1 and Wednesday will be 6.2. I took femara this cycle and it made a huge difference symptom wise. I felt 100% better than when I was on clomid. I have 2 main follicles at 22 and 20mm and one that is 15 that could mature in time fr ovulation.

I really hope this is it. This is our last try at IUI, we will take a break if this doesn't work, then on to IVF.


  1. Fingers crossed that this IUI is THE one!!! Saying a special prayer for you guys.

    Do they have a plan of how to handle the MTHFR during your pregnancy?

  2. Stopping in from LFCA:-) I, too, have a varient of MTHFR and low thyroid and anti-thyroid antibodies.

    Although it was never proven to caused my many m/c's, I did an IUI/sperm wash then took Lovenox and Endometrin (GOLD!) from 3dpIUI until 11 weeks. We're now in week 24! Please feel free to ask any questions...

  3. One dd in 2004 with pre-eclampsia but no other issues (believe me the PE was enough).

    Pregnant again in May 2007. M/C and D&C late June. Chalked up to statistical bomb. Pregnant again in August 2007. Early M/C in September. Called RE, OB did some screening tests. OB discovers MTHFR and says we should do anti-clotting injections at next pregnancy. Cancelled RE appointment.

    Pregnant again in November 2007. OB changes mind and says to use baby aspirin, folic acid and vitamins. Lost pregnancy in December.

    Called RE and made appointment for late December. He agrees with MTHFR. Went thru scans, more bloodwork, endometrial biopsy. Found to have LPD. He wanted to treat with progesterone instead of clomid since I could get pregnant very easily (it was keeping the baby that I failed!).

    He agreed with FA, BA, vitamins and progesterone shortly after ovulation until a negative pregnancy test appeared. We were blessed to get pregnant right out of the gate. 400mg of progesterone, FA and BA led to daughter number 2 born healthy in November 2008.

    Let me know if you have questions...I didn't mean to write a book but wanted to get it all in there.

  4. I'm here from LFCA - I also just found out I have MTHFR (heterozygous) after two miscarriages. I'll be taking baby aspirin and a folic acid supplement if/when I get pregnant again.
    I hope this IUI comes with good news for you!

  5. Here from LFCA, as well. I was diagnosed with compound heterozygous MTHFR (meaning I also have two mutations, but one of each, instead of 2 of one of them). I was put on a generic of folgard, and I admit that I self-administered baby aspirin through my cycle (we didn't have the diagnosis until the cycle was already underway. But with my positive in the fall, I'd been taking BA, so it felt like a good idea). Positive. My doctor doesn't tend to put people with only MTHFR (and no other clotting issue) on blood thinners, but he didn't give me the whole clotting panel, and he said it was up to me, so I'm on Lovenox. It's still early (the baby has survived past the point of stopped growth in the fall, but we haven't reached the point at which the missed m/c was diagnosed yet), but so far so good.

    It's a little scary, but after a lot (a LOT) of research, I feel like, as long as we're proactive, it is possible to get and stay pregnant with healthy babies while having this mutation. I wish you luck.