Monday, March 2, 2009


like the catchy title?

So we went to the RE today, our first appointment post Miscarriage. It was a GREAT appointment.

so much was said and planned I am going to try to put it all here without it coming out diarrhea like.

Lets break it down:

To try to find out why the miscarriage could have happened:
he ordered blood tests to check for clotting disorders. The blood work hurt more than it has ever hurt before, and they took more than they did at my first appointment.

To try to prevent Miscarriage the next time around:
I will be taking baby aspirin and a higher dose of progesterone than I did last time, and start the prescription prenatals as soon as ovulation occurs. Depending on the results of the blood work I may also need to be on Fragmin injections daily (blood thinner), and will likely be on bedrest during the first trimester if anything funny goes on at all.

To get pregnant again:
We will do IUI again, its unlikely my CM has changed at all, but we aren't preventing so if It happens on its own thats ok too. We will do natural cycle IUI unless my follicle(s) look like crap.

I decided to adress my concerns about # of beta draws and hearing the heartbeat asap when that time comes, its not so important as getting this plan in place.

I expect that I will have scans as soon as I get a positive beta, just so they can monitor changes, and will probably have them more frequently as well. He said this time he wants to keep me at the clinic through the first trimester, which is fine, I will probably see my OB as well because she will want me too, we just won;t discuss that with him.*wink wink* He also said if I were in his care for the miscarraige he would have done a D&C (in office, they just dilate the cervix and remove the tissue, rather than the removal of the lining and everything) so they could test the tissue for genetic abnormalities. To be honest as much as I would have liked to know if that was the issue, I would not want the D&C at all, so had I known, I would have saved the tissue for him.

So thats the plan, bring on the period so we can get going with this.

And on a side note, I am doing much better emotionally, and I feel ready for work definitely now. I think I just needed to know we were moving ahead with things to feel better, I just felt like I was in limbo.

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