Thursday, March 5, 2009

Has anyone seen my fertility?

apparently someone found it... I am young, going to be 25 this year, but I am infertile.

I am sick of finding out that people from my past are getting 'accidentally' pregnant. A past friend from elementary school is having her 4th in August I just found out today....I was heartbroken. She is 2 months older than me and having her 4th child! I know its not in the best situations that she has had them, and she was very young when she started...but 4! She found my fertility that I lost!

The other thing that killed me today was an 'acquaintance' who was insensitive about my miscarriage and decided to announce to me she was pregnant at the same time, is 10 weeks and thinks shes feeling the baby move...I just want to say to her "you have gas, you moron!"

That was my was yours?

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