Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flaws in my Plan

Flaw 1) T is in Texas and I'm not, I think I'm going to ovulate in the next few days, Oh well!

Flaw 2) I finally got a hold of the RE's office this am, to book an appointment post miscarriage and discuss our plans and my concerns. Hes going on vacation most of March and isn't booking appointments until April, poop. She said I can come in during Cycle Monitoring hours and talk with him for 5-10 minutes though, so I will do that next week. I hope I don't get rushed through, because there's a lot I want to talk about.

I hope things get organized. I hope I don't end up ovulating until the weekend, and we can actually do this the "normal" way. I hope I don't need to wait until April, because I don't want to!

On a side not yesterday was fat Tuesday...and I am fat! yay for fat Tuesday, on to chubby Wednesday!