Friday, April 8, 2011

There are Embies in the Air!

Hey everyone...if there is anyone!

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging. Life has been hectic to say the least!

My Baby bean is going to be 11 months old next week. The Big First Birthday is being planned. My return to work is imminent, which has be a bit stressed out. And we've decided to do a FET before I go back...which is the reason for my post.

I think having success after infertility put me in a weird blog limbo. I didn't want to blog about baby bean for I didn't want to hurt anyone out there. It was a long painful road to get her though, so I should be proud to talk about her. She is amazing, shes a jabbering, busy, destructive human being. And I love her to death.

I feel as I can identify with this world again though.

In December, when Bean was 8 months old, and my lovely friend AF had been around a couple months despite on demand breastfeeding, Hubs and I decided that we would start trying again for baby #2. We figured it was no rush since she was only 8 months, but we would try for a little bit. We tried 4-5 cycles. The first just untimes, not preventing sort of thing, but the last 4 I had been charting, OPKing, CBFMing, and everything was timed perfectly. For some stupid reason I thought we would be one of 'those' infertility patients who had no trouble conceiving on their own after extensive treatments for baby#1. I am here today to say WE ARE NOT THOSE PEOPLE. They are still mythical to me. Everything was perfect, we don't have a recent SA to say if the swimmers are ok, but they have always been fine, so I have no reason to expect anything would be wrong there. The cycles were perfect, the timing was perfect, there is no reason we shouldn't have conceived in any one of those 5 months.

Anyways...we didn't. So I called the RE. We have 3 frozen babies from our IVF we did to have baby bean. They told me to come in CD2 and we would start the road to FET.

The FET is going to be SO EASY. I am amazed with how chill it is. I started estrace 2 2mg tabs, 3x a day (funny story there I'll share later) on CD3 (this past Wednesday) and I go in on April 16th for a Lining Check (thats 11 days of some tiny pills before I even have to step foot in the clinic again...that is AWESOME) And he said to expect a transfer around the 20th or so.

We are deciding to transfer 2 embies, we transferred 2 in the fresh cycle and got a singleton, and I went at early term with her.

And I am already obsessing over stats...which is a whole other post.

But I am back oh world of infertility....

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  1. Good luck with your FET! We should be starting our FET too this month (waiting for AF to show up) in our quest for baby #2.

    I can relate very much to the 'stupid feeling' of thinking baby #2 would come naturally after all the treatments for baby #1... but we are not that lucky either. So we hopped onto the IVF bandwagon again in February - first IVF attempt failed, hopefully the FET will be successful.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!