Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Design

Hope you all like my fresh new design. I was sick of the old, wanted something cheerier.

I don't *think* anyone who knows me in real life, knows about the blog. If you do by all means let me know you have discovered my secret FET cycle. But I shared a picture of my beautiful Daughter in my header. She came from one of those 2 embryos, and that was her BFP.

We want to keep this cycle to ourselves a bit. Ready to share In real life when we want to. Our IVF and IUI's were so broadcast, which was fine, it was helpful that people knew what was going on. I just feel like I want that secret to myself for a bit. But of course, I can't not talk about it, I can't not write my thoughts down, so that what I am doing here. Mostly for myself, but to hopefully be helpful to others going through things too.

In FET news, I started the PIO last night. Man did I forget the loveliness of that. I will still take it over the suppositories, but it hurts today, and I forgot the lovely oily smell when I pee. Mmmmm, NOT. I can't wait for the call tomorrow to tell me when transfer time is! So looking forward to this!


  1. Love the new look of the blog!!! Excited for your transfer!!

  2. Good luck on your transfer! So exciting!