Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amazed, and Thankful!

I was so scared going into today's U/S...I was convinced that it would be bad news...or maybe preparing myself for the worst.

I got in there...had the tech who doesn't talk again! Show the dead baby momma her baby right away PUHLEASE! no, she waits until shes done all of her measurements before she shows me the not right!

There's still one bean in there, going strong. Measuring 7w3d, which us great since a week ago it was measuring 6w3d. HB was 149. I am very happy. I am so grateful for this. They scan recurrent pregnancy loss patients weekly until 12 weeks. So I go in again on Saturday for another scan. I hope its great, and that next week, it actually looks baby-like rather than like fluff.


  1. It is absolutely amazing, and I'm so very happy to see such great progress!

  2. Hooray!!!

    I got this doppler. I'm perfectly happy with it, but have since found it cheaper on amazon compared to ebay, so look around!