Saturday, October 24, 2009

8w5d Ultrasound and update

Today was a good day...and let me start by being sorry that I am only updating on things once a week...but thinks are really uneventful, and for that I am so grateful.

On Monday and Tuesday I had a lot of pregnancy symptoms, tired nearly constantly and throwing up even with the z.ofran on board. But the rest of the week has been great, only slight queasiness and not feeling really up to eating.

I feel bad that I am only coming on posting U/S pics. In reality I live each day in fear that I am going to lose this baby like the other 2. I don't know when that's going to go away, I thought it would after today, but its still there. Its really sucks that I can't just enjoy being pregnant today, but thats what happens when its been ripped away from you before.'s u/s was a big day for me. This week was the week I lost the first pregnancy, at 8w3d. Today is 8w5d. And I am so glad to say that everything looked GREAT! Baby was moving all around, we could see the brain and spine, and a beautiful Heartbeat of 162. And the baby also now measures right on time, at 8w5d. This is the most amazing picture I have ever seen, and will probably stare at it until next Sunday when I have my next u/s.

I hope you all get to experience this very soon, if you aren't already, its absolutely amazing! To come from infertility, failed treatments, and losses, to truly a miracle!


  1. That is an amazing u/s picture! I'm so glad everything is going well and your morning sickness is getting a bit better :).

  2. Wow, what an awesome u/s picture!! Rock on!! Congratulations on reaching 8w5d :)

  3. What a great picture! I am so glad things are going well!