Friday, September 25, 2009

Post 100 - A Beta Post

So they called with my beta today....but I was sleeping after a horrendous night shift at work. And they didn't leave the Number! Seriously? Does anyone else's clinics not tell you lab values, I have such a hard time with this. The other thing was I left my home phone number as the contact number for the result....and they called my I sat waiting for the call for hours when it had already came!

I called their office and left a message, because I want details....I already KNOW I am pregnant...I want numbers! Next beta is even if I don't get the number tomorrow, I will ask on Sunday....geesh...I already had to wait so long to get this beta...and then they continue to leave me in suspense, I am exhausted!


  1. Our REs office wont leave info on messages either. Even though it is YOUR number that YOU provided them, there is a small risk someone else would get the message. So... no info. Always drove me nuts too.

    Fingers crossed for a great number!!!

  2. OMG! Id be pissed too! I think my place left them on voice mail...UGH...well the good news is your pregnant!!!