Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Moving forward...yet I feel like I am standing still.

Next cycle is clomid....when I go in for my monitoring appt CD2 which I imagine will be Friday or Saturday.. I have a lot I want to talk to him about.

Why clomid...if I am already ovulating like a machine? How many rounds of clomid before that's a bust too? Whats next after clomid? Are there any other options other than clomid that would be good for my situation? Basically I wan't my bloodwork back to tell me if I have any clotting issues to worry about, and to just move on to IVF...I don't feel like clomid is going to benefit me any, but at the same rate I am hoping thats all it takes, since IVF is so much more pricey than what we are doing.

I can not believe we have done 4 IUI's now and have spent $4000 + dollars and have nothing but a bruised belly and a cranky me to show for it.


  1. I'm sorry your beta was negative. You might take a clomid break every couple months... some of the compounds in clomid can remain in you for 6 weeks and cause negative effects, especially when you've done 3 or more consecutive months of clomid. So every couple months it helps (you and your pocket book) to take a month off. Sorry to be so full of assvice. I apologize if it's unwanted.

  2. I am so sorry. Hang in there...

  3. Thanks for it Amanda...I didn't know that about clomid, I am hoping I only need it once though ;)

  4. sorry if this is unwanted advice... clomid doesnt work for everyone. if your hormones arent a good match, it wont really help. that is our issue. i have to use injectibles (which have worked for us in combination with IUI). I just dont have the progesterone/estrogen combo necessary to have clomid actually do its job. Do you know if you've been checked to see if this is possibly your case? Perhaps you are on the cusp, but injectibles would work better?

    sending hugs... i know a negative is a hard thing to get. :(

  5. Thanks Michele...I am happy with anyone's advice...

    Is there a way to know if its a good combination before we do it? I will only be starting it the cycle coming up, and was actually looking at femara, as less side effects are being reported. I suspect though that since I am ovulating on my own, that he might want me on it for the suspected egg quality improvement benefits.

  6. So sorry about the BFN. Shannon. I'm hoping you get answers from your doc, and a protocol you're happy with. And of course a friggen BFP!

  7. Shannon - Im so sorry that this one didnt work out. I can certainly understand cause I did 4 to with no success (although I did them with gonal-f) But, they only let you do so many IUI's typically cause the success rate goes down when you reach #5 so...hang in there - you will be moving on shortly if this doesnt work.
    If you are already ovulating on your own thats half the battle so that is great!