Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogging about a Friend!

I must let you all know, I am cycling with a friend....kind of. She went in for IVF....she had her Retreival on the 15th of May, and a 3dt. She is suffering really bad from OHSS(ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome) and is in the hospital. She is pregnant! and I am so very excited for her...she deserves this so much! So our plan is 50% being the other half...we would be due 4 days apart, it would be wonderful! I was hoping to complete our plan with a BFP this am...but that didn't happen, maybe tomorrow.

Please send all of your prayers and positive thoughts for my friend suffering from OHSS, and her little beanie(s) growing inside!


  1. OH Shannon! I want this for you (I think) more than I want it for ME!!!!

  2. Oh Karyn....I hope you get what you want too...She and I live close...wouldn't it be just awesome for play dates and such!

  3. Prayers for your friend and for your BFP!!!