Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Week in....Already?!?

CD7...already, it went by fast, but that also means in 3 short days I see the RE, and I still feel like crap. Well actually I feel sick again rather than still.

The past week has been wild, I had the period from hell, worst in my life, I had excruciating pain all of last Friday and Saturday, and we were away at the in-laws house, so it was kinda strange. Sunday we left early in the morning for the long drive home (15hours). I felt comfortable in the morning, so was happy about that, but a bit nauseous, not un-common for me, if I don;t wake up on my own time I am usually nauseous in the mornings. about 6 hours into the drive, my husband looks like crap, and about an hour later he had to pull over because he was sick. My mother in-law had a stomach bug the Wednesday/Thursday. A few hours after he was sick so was I. It made for an awful drive home, and I begged him to stop and get a hotel room numerous times. I am glad he did the drive though because it was nice to be in my own space when feeling that crappy. T got over his in the 24 hours that it took his mom as well. I.did.not! I was sick all of Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. I felt great yesterday, until the evening. I figured I just ate too much, and now its actually hard for me to catch my breath/take a deep breath. I hope it gets better. I am not nearly as sick as I was.

So I suppose that's why the week went by quickly, only one more week(ish) until IUI...then the dreaded wait.

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  1. Ugh, stomach bugs are the worst! You need to get some good bacteria in you to fight those - a probiotic might be helpful. Hope you're feeling better soon :).