Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not so sure I am blog material....

I do not know how some of you manage to blog everyday and make it interesting. I am realizing that the bulk of my cycles I am pretty boring!

Some of you blog about how people find you on goo.gle....Mine are seriously not funny.

Some blog about their feelings and emotions of the infertility journey, or how others are perceiving them....mine are constant (most of the time)

Some just blog about everyday stuff and throw in the infertility crap where its relevant...but my regular life is fairly boring....it consists of sleep, eat, catch up on blogs/boards, eat, pee on stick (either OPK or HPT). Or on a day where I work.....sleep, work, sleep, repeat.

So whats interesting in my life right now. Nothing....I am still sick, it was quite an interesting trek across this fine province with both T and I puking our guts out, its a miracle that me made it home in a decent amount of time. He is doing 100% better, I am not.

I am getting so excited for my vacation coming up in May, sun, sand beach, laziness! I can not wait. Oh and one of my favourite people is getting married there too...so that it so exciting.

And today is CD5....so 10 days...ish until we do another IUI. I am really not sure how to feel about this. Part of me always thinks positively and takes it one day at a time, another wants to think doom and gloom and expect the worst. I don't feel like this will be our "keeper" pregnancy cycle. Not sure why. and part of me still feels like the one is far away. But UNIVERSE...I am telling you I will take what you give me...and if you want to give me 2 sticky beans at once i will not complain about that either ;)


  1. when i first started my blog i was A LOT more philosophical about IF. i know that a lot of my posts have to do with cycle stuff and lately my surgery. i write about how i feel that day, and thank god. if it wasn't for my blog and the friends that i've met through it, i would've lost my mind already!

  2. Well, hey - we're here for the friendship not the content! Think about the conversations you have with your friends...are they always captivating and inspirational? No, it's "So, what did you do this weekend?!"

    When there's not much to report on the TTC front, try sharing something else about you that your bloggy friends might like to learn. Such as how did you and your DH meet? I dunno, I'm just saying if you're looking for ideas.

    Meanwhile, I appreciate you just being you!
    Crossing my fingers for your upcoming IUI.