Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IUI 2.2

Done nd I am at home relaxing. Had a nice nap this afternoon.

I had a wonderful woman, R.uth, do my IUI this time (RE has never done it yet, its always been one of his nurses or one of his colleagues). R.uth put me at ease, answered all of my questions, explained the fragmin shot, and to stop it if I am bleeding (I am glad she reminded me about this).

T's count was 69 million (and this keep in mind is IUI 2, so this is after only 24 hours since last)....holy! She joked that he could get everyone in the waiting room knocked up, but of course I will be the only one to get it! So clearly sperm is NOT our issue, just in case we were wondering. He is such a show off! Yesterdays count was 43 million.

So now we wait, April 6th is my beta, but we are out of town, so I have a requisition to go to a lab where we are, and then will call the RE to let them know I did it and to call for results. I will of course do HPT's starting in a week though, so If I get a + then I will see the RE before I go away.

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