Thursday, March 26, 2009

I got me a Fancy Countdown Clock!

I have seen nicer ones though....I wish I knew how to gadget and widget up my blog, but I am so bad at it.

its my countdown to my 2WW (two week wait) I will totally test before then, I am thinking next wednesday (6 days to go!) but probably won't see anything until the weekend if it is there!

so now you can all obsess with me.

So as far as my meds go...progesterone still sucks, its been one day of it and I am already feeling the effects. Fragmin sucks too, needles everyday is not my idea of fun! don;t know how I will do 9 months of this...please tell me it gets easier! and my TSH was 3.8 so I think I need to get on some synthroid, ideal TSH levels in the first trimester are 3 or I am a bit above that! I need to put in a call to my endocrinologist tomorrow to let him know this and see what he says.

so I am a medicated fool...doing my best to keep this bean in this time if it works!


  1. Woooow - hold on here a minute - jumping in!
    You need to be on synthroid ASAP - like NOW! 3 is NOT an ok level for pregnancy OR TTC! That's what they're "officially" supposed to say, but if you can get yourself to below 1, but no higher than 2 you will be much much much better off...

  2. That's what my endocrinologist sad at my appointment early this month. I am starting it in the morning and just going to call and tell him I did.

    Thanks Meg!

  3. Hey Shannon, returning the favor of adding my little picture to your list of followers. :o)

    Praying for you! Hope for the best!