Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm all Ears

I am feeling so nervous knowing that we will likely be doing an insemination within the week. I am just so nervous this time will end like it did the last time, that I will be unable to work, that it won't work at all.

There are so many thoughts and emotions running wild in my head. And to top it off I am on CD8 today, and I am spotting and cramping a bit. I have NO CLUE why I am spotting, I am not ovulating my OPK's are negative, and my fertility monitor doesn't want a test yet, so I don't even know if my fertility is high. I imagine it will want a test tomorrow.

So if anyone has insight into why I may be spotting (is this normal post m/c?) or how to get past my fear of becoming pregnant again, or failing to become pregnant...please...I am all ears (eyes?)

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