Thursday, March 12, 2009

CD3 - Fun times to be had this cycle

Holy MAN does the dildo cam hurt today. I guess sensitive after the miscarriage.

I had my CD3 workup today. hey don;t have results from my blood clotting workup, apparently the tests they did can take up to 3 months to come back. So I found out I will be on Fragmin anyway (heparin). I start on baby aspirin starting today. And will do 100mg Progesterone suppositories 3 times a day.

I am really not looking forward to the fragmin injection everyday. I will get my coworkers to do it when I work, but DH will need to when I don't, unless I can convince a nurse friend to come over and do it.

I go back for more blood work and ultrasound on CD11. I hope there's a nice follicle or 2 growing in there by then. I'm so excited to be moving forward. I stopped in at work after my appointment and everyone at work was commenting that I looked better. So I guess the happiness shows!

P.S. I should have taken a picture of the insane bruise I had from my blood work for the clotting workup...I think its probably safe to say I have a clotting issue as the blood settled about an inch away from the actual site. Yay fragmin for 9 months...URGH. I will look like a beaten mommy :(

ETA: I also found out someone I am fairly close with is pregnant and due just 2 weeks after I was originally due. I am so excited for her though. She said she was worried to spill the beans because of what I was going through, And a week or so ago I may not have been so happy for her, but now was good timing to hear.


  1. I'm glad to hear your cycle is starting off well!

  2. (Here from Blogger Bingo, looking for a post with an update.)

    That was kind of your friend to worry about how her news might affect you. I hope you have good news of your own to share later this month!