Thursday, January 7, 2010

Placenta Previa

I am proof that things don't get less complicated once you achieve pregnancy after infertility!

I have Partial Previa of the placenta. the placenta is covering part of the cervix. As of right now, I only had some slight spotting over a week ago now, so my OB is not concerned about that. However if I bleed I am going to have to be off work and on bedrest, possibly in the hospital depending on how significant it is.

I just hope I don't bleed.

I will have another ultrasound at 32 weeks to see if the placenta has moved away, if it has all is well, if not, schedule the c-section for 37 weeks-ish I suppose.


  1. Ugh... I had partial previa with Alex, but it cleared by 16 weeks. It can go away. Hoping yours clears!

  2. Hoping that everything looks normal at 32 weeks!