Friday, October 9, 2009

Morning Sickness at its Best


Today I have had morning sickness at its best. I feel awful, and does it seriously even count as morning sickness when you don;t actually throw up? I WISH I was puking, because I know I would feel better if I did. its just sitting there, at the top of my stomach, taunting me, makeing me feel like crud all day.

I decided this morning it was so bad I would start taking my di.clectin. After an 8 hour sleep last night, after taking the di.clectin i slept an additional 8 hours that just won't cut it. And I didn't even feel any better when I woke up. I have a call in to the clinic hoping for a script for z.ofran.

On a more upbeat u/s is tomorrow! YAY! 18 hours to 8am(ish) tomorrow we find out whats going on in there!

Oh and is it insane of me to want to still pee on HPT's? I know I am pregnant...i just love seeing how dark that line is ;)


  1. Cant wait to hear how tomorrow goes!

    I had the same thing for 3 months...I never threw up but the constant nausea was awful. There was a few things I did to combat it.

    1) I bought a ton of preggie pops and always had one by my bed and before I would even get up I put one in my mouth then I would sit up slowly and dangle my feet off the edge of the bed for a few minutes then get up.

    2) I put saltines by my bed too and when I got up if I felt sick I would eat a few of those and that helped

    3) always make sure you have a snack or a suck on candy through the day - I cant tell you how many jolly ranchers I ate but for some reason if I felt nauseas but sucked on one, I felt so much better

    Thats what I did to help!

  2. Aint morning sickness grand! ;) I drank A LOT of seven up when I was pregnant with Nick and Sophie and had nasty M.S. It was the only thing that helped even a little. And it had to be ice cold. Freezing.

  3. I POAS everyday until my first ultrasound!

  4. I totally think the nausea counts as "morning sickness". I mean, you feel pretty darn sick!

    Yay for the u/s! Cant wait to hear an update!