Friday, October 2, 2009

3075...this is happening.

Still pregnant, and so blessed.

I am so thrilled to have the miracle of IVF working for us so far. I have been in denial that I am pregnant, other then being tired and occasionally just a bit queasy, I don't feel pregnant at all. And I think I am protecting myself from being excited in case this ends the way the other 2 did.

Today I feel more excited, and like this one might actually work. My first pregnancy my betas never got above 2400 so they did an early u/s rather than keep doing betas. So having betas over that are amazing to me, and I feel like this means its meant to be.

I told my employer and co-workers, and the entire world now. I feel better that people know. Everyone is thrilled, and thankfully my co-workers understand why I am not feeling excited, but very scared.

My clinic apparently goes by Transfer date as conception date, rather than retrieval date. So I am not considered as far along as I am. I think that retrieval date makes more sense and is more accurate. So I guess my due date is somewhere between May31st and June 3rd. Does anyone know why they do this, or does your clinic do this too?

So far I have had no bleeding, which, the first time I bled from 3.5 weeks until the day I lost the that makes me feel good.

I am also not knowing what to talk about, being a pregnant infertile, on an infertility blog. I don;t want to hurt those that are still waiting for their Miracle, but its important for me to keep my thoughts here that I have some documentation on it. So I understand if people aren't reading anymore, or if it is hard for them to read/comment. I have had a bit of trouble at time with pregnancy blogs....I mean I am happy for them, but it was hard. I hope I am not going to be insensitive, and If I am, please, leave a comment or shoot me an email and tell me!

Will try to post more often, about more than just being pregnant, I promise.


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  2. Okay, Shannon, I have been following your blog for a while now... ever since I googled fragmin + fertility + progesterone or something like that and your blog appeared. My name is also Shannon... I have one child but was diagnosed as having secondary infertility after a miscarriage, an ectopic, a chemical and many months of trying. I am now newly pregnant also! This was a result of our first IUI (+clomid, fragmin, trigger, progesterone). The funny thing is I am only a few days ahead of you in betas - my due date is May 31st! I am so happy for you (and me!), although guarded, of course. My clinic does an ultrasound once betas top 10 000 which *hopefully* for me will be early next week. I will really really believe it is happening once I see that heartbeat on that first ultrasound... as I never made it to that point with the mis and the ectopic. Then I too may start selectively sharing the news. Well congrats, Shannon, and I, for one, will continue to follow : )

  3. I hope you keep up with this blog. I know a lot of IFers change to different blogs when they are pregnant, but I think it gives hope to those who are still TTC. It's hard, yes, but what isnt?

    YAY!!! This is such great news! I am so happy for you!

    I didnt do IVF, so I have no first hand experience, but our doc dates that way your clinic does. From what I've heard, that seems pretty standard.

  4. Exciting!!!!!! Congrats Shannon!