Wednesday, June 17, 2009

IUI complete

IUI is finished.

I am happy...but now I am in the dreaded 2WW...and I am bored already. How I am going to get through the next 2 weeks I am not sure...luckily its not a full 2 weeks...and I will be testing...test the trigger away, so I will start in 5-6 days. I really hope this works, and I have a good feeling it will, but just how many babies is what scares me...I hope no more than 2.

On a side note, ovulation hurts like HELL when there are multiple killed, I could barely walk this am. Hopefully thats a good sign too!


  1. Congrats! Sorry you'll have to deal with the 2ww, but hopefully you can find a few things to keep you busy :)
    Hang in there!

  2. i'm that all went well. i'm hoping that the wait isn't too unbearable for you!

  3. our RE will not trigger an IUI for more than 3 follicles. I had 3 the last round (2 juicy ones and 1 that was close; there were also 2 smalls (12mm)). Ovulating the three were quite painful. I hadnt ovulated more than 2 before and the last cycle was definitely the most painful. But well worth it in the end. :)

    Good luck!

  4. I came over from the Ballroom and just wanted to tell you that I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!