Monday, June 15, 2009

Ima Skeered

tomorrow is my Follicle Scan, and likely trigger. I had 6 follicles Saturday....I really really hope there's no more than 4 mature tomorrow.

Clomid made me nervous from the start, I never had an ovulation issue, so this was all to produce an extra follicle or 2...not 5!

Has anyone else out in the internets had trigger and IUI with a clomid cycle? and how may mature follicles did you have? and if successful did you end up pregnant with more than one baby?


  1. I hope things look good at your scan.

  2. I did have a trigger/IUI with a Clomid cycle.
    I'm currently nearing the end of the 2WW; and I have no clue what to expect. Anyway, I took 100mg of Clomid days 5-9, then on CD14 I had my first scan, and had 2 mature follicles; she didn't mention any other smaller ones, and I'm not that adept at reading U/S so I have no clue if I had any others either.
    That day they gave me the Ovidrel trigger shot; and about 24 hours later I had my IUI.
    Here is the link to my blog

    Good luck. I hope this works :)

  3. Good luck Shannon! I'm wishing the best for you!

    I did have 2 clomid cycles with allota follies like you mentioned. But towards the end, we only ever ended up with two biggin's.

  4. Just sending hugs. I'm a Gonal-F girl an the most we've ever triggered were 3 follicles (this cycle) and have twins. After our first twins, I had enough prog/estr production to try clomid. It was our only round. We had 2 follicles, one fertilized, and I miscarried just prior to 8w. I've never done Clomid again because, physiologically, it doesnt work for me. I just dont produce the hormones needed for it to work with, hence the Gonal-F (which, honestly, I love. It always works for us). Fingers are crossed and I cant wait to hear about your scan!!!