Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cycle Monitoring

on to IUI#5...this time with clomid joining forces to conquer Mt. Pregnancy.

I start 50mg clomid tomorrow (CD3) and take it for 5 days. I am so very nervous about it. I am worried I will have too many follicles, I am worried I will feel like crap, I am worried that it won;t help at all....but I am trying to forget all of that and just let come what may.

I just hope clomid does the trick, and I don;t have to deal with Trying again for a long time (at least a year or so!)

Share our clomid experiences (good and bad) with me! How many follicles did you did it make you feel?


  1. I don't have any Clomid experience, but I just wanted to wish you lots of luck!!! I so hope the Clomid does the trick!

  2. I was anovualtory and failed ovulating my first cycle and then grew a cyst my second that took a couple months to make go away, but then I finally stared ovulating and I'm pregnant on only my third ovulatory cycle! I've only ever had 1 or 2 good follicles with clomid but I know some people do over respond, but a u/s will let you know if that happens. I've never had any of the emotional side effects with clomid, but my lining did start to thin over time. I also took baby aspirin this cycle cause I was worried about the lining issues.

    Good luck, hopefully you respond well to clomid and it does the trick.

  3. Clomid at 50 mg and 100 mg did not work for me - but I have PCOS, so it is taking more than just Clomid...injectables. But I will say that I didn't have any side effects from Clomid. I got a little dizzy for one day on the first cycle - that's it! So hopefully it will work for you and you won't have any side effects!