Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I need Most Right Now...

A VACATION. We leave tomorrow for the Dominican to witness my beautiful friend marry the man of her dreams! This Vacation is so much more than that though. This is a I am so looking forward to doing nothing...thinking about NOTHING. So I will put my thoughts on whats happening here now and forget about them while I am away.

So Re's office called yesterday to tell me my beta was zero...and to come in CD2-4 for blood work and ultrasound, and dun-dun-dun.....CLOMID. Well conveniently(or inconveniently) I am going on vacation for SEVEN days. which means in all likelihood I will be in the Caribbean from CD2-4...ya that will be fun, not only will I have my period on vacation...but I will also miss CD3 monitoring. The solution from RE's office, apparently no big deal (to them) we will just do another natural cycle IUI if we can't get the baseline ultrasound for clomid. So I though this cycle would be a change, but apparetly its just more of the same...unless by some miracle I do not get aunt FLOW until the last day or 2 of my vacation....which would really be nice...really. Universe...please co-operate with me....PUHLEASE!


  1. have fun on your vacation!!! i really hope that the universe cooperates with you because you deserve it after all of this!!!

  2. Have a great vacay! And here's hoping your ute/ovaries cooperate!!

  3. I hope you have a great, AF free vacation! Try to have fun!!!

  4. Hi Shannon,

    Hope your vacation goes well.

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