Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ummm...I wasn't expecting this... but hoping!

I got a Positive OPK...well kinda, I will put a pic so you can see.

So I peed on one from a website, that I have heard they are very good. I think they are since I didn't get a positive after the miscarriage. it looks totally positive to me. So I took a digital with the same pee, negative. so my eye is fooling me, but I am sure my surge is coming in the next few hours.

What amazing things our pee can do huh?

Oh right the pic....tell me if you think its positive or only close.....

Oh BTW....the top one is from 545PM tonight and the bottom one is from 845PM...only 3 hours made such a difference!


  1. Well, al I know from using those ones is that unless the test line is darker than the control line its pretty much a has to be darker in order for it to be considered positive...the bottom one looks like it is positive... did you take another today too?

  2. I did, I am about to upload it in a new post.