Saturday, March 21, 2009

Follicle Check

18mm, and yesterday is was 16mm not 15 like I had put down.

NO trigger shot, which confused me, since we did last time in the exact same scenario, CD12, follicle 18mm. He said he doesn't like to trigger on a natural cycle..umm...ok...we did last time!? I reminded him we did and also let him no I don't ovulate on my own any earlier than CD15 in the past, and its usually closer to CD18 as long as CD24. I guess we will see, and just go in for daily follicle viewing until the BIG day. I am kinda frustrated. My CBFM is low still, OPK's have NO second line at all, I really don't think its near 'on my own'. I guess maybe ovulation is a problem for me then too...maybe my eggs are ready by CD12 but my hormones aren't and the eggs get old? I don't know, I am just making assumptions.

Part of me is dreaming that I actually ovulate on my own tonight/tomorrow, but that would be a miracle I think.

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