Monday, February 16, 2009

Who would have thought I would jump up and down at the sight of a Negative HPT

I am giddy, my HPT's are finally negative.

Why is an infertile excited about a negative HPT you ask...seems odd, you would think one who has tried hard to get pregnant and spent quite the amount of money trying to do so, would want it to be positive.


for me it means my betas are low, low enough its probably safe to assume that I may ovulate in a couple weeks and could potentially get pregnant again (hopefully for it to last)!

Now I don't hold a ton of hope we can actually get the job done on our own, after we have just miscarried, but its worth a shot right? I'm not sure I remember how its done exactly, I mean being on bed rest for bleeding since 4 weeks, its been since...well you get the idea!

I also wanted to add....this is 3 posts today...maybe I really am a blogger at heart! I think I will fill this in before I send links to friends/family back home, just so it more interesting and they don't get bored.

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